Laser hair removal is a technique for removing hair from unwanted regions of your body. Some men and woman are not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove the unwanted hair from their body. Thus they need something consistent that removes their permanently and henceforth, they do not have to go through the hassle of temporary removal in regular intervals. Truly, laser hair removal is not that costly if you calculate your regular wax expenses. Due to advancement in technology, you go through negligible pain in the treatment.

Best Dermatologist in Ahmadabad

Dr. Kuldeep Singh skin hair clinic has provided the best dermatologist in Ahmadabad under one roof where you are provided with the accurate and the much needed counseling sessions before and after treatment. Laser hair removal in Ahmadabad is not a painful treatment; it is a breeze in most of the cases and completely affordable.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal follows a procedure where highly concentrated light is beamed into the hair follicles. The pigments present in the follicle absorb that light which helps in destroying the hair. It removes the unwanted hair from-

  • Facial region

  • Underarms

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Bikini line

  • Other areas are also included


Types of laser hair removal in Ahmadabad clinic

  • Ruby Lasers:

It is the painless technique compared to other lasers for hair removal. The hairs are targeted and there is negligible harm done to the skin. People of light skin tone are recommended for this type of laser as the laser will not have to detect hair with lot of intensity. Hence, this type of laser is less tense and causes you no pain during the process. The skin specialists in Ahmadabad will advice ruby lasers as per your skin tone.

  • Alexandrite Lasers:

It can be used on a wide range of skin and is universally used in the world. A red light is released and it is the permanent solution to your unwanted hair problems. The red light heat is penetrated in the hair follicle to damage it. Hence, when the hair follicle is removed your hair re-growth is impossible. Dr. Kuldeep Singh Skin hair clinic provides safe and sound treatment for your unwanted hair.

  • Nd- Yag Laser:

This kind of laser emits infra-red light and if used with a carbon lotion on the skin, the light penetrated deep in the hair follicle, damaging the roots and preventing hair growth. The number of sittings required depends upon your unwanted hair quality and the area. This is the most effective type of hair removal technique. However, the result may fade over time if the hormones of your body are not balanced. Skin specialists in Ahmadabad recommends this type of laser as it is effective and less time is required for the full treatment of your hair.

  • Diode laser:

It is the most effective laser hair removal technique. It uses a long wavelength to destroy your hair follicle. It takes less time and it is safer than any laser type. It is generally used for the removal of fine hairs.

These are the types of laser hair removal in Ahmadabad is specially undertaken under the supervision of specialists and knowledgeable dermatologist in Ahmadabad.  Dr. Kuldeep Singh skin hair clinic is the best place for all your treatments regarding skin and hair problems.

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